Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sexy Skin Sunday! Step by Step to your Sexiest Skin: Cleansing Sponges

Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and enjoyed a relaxing charging weekend leading up to Independence Day.  What are your fun plans for the Fourth of July?

Continuing with the Your Sexiest Skin skin care series, this week we're starting to talk about cleansing.  This may seem like a step that everyone knows about because let's be honest, didn't Mom ingrain this in you every night before dinner?  Things shouldn't be any different now that you are capable of making your own decisions about your hygiene.  You should be cleansing your face every night.....and every morning.  As I started writing this I decided to separate cleansing into different part.  I just feel this is such an important step that we should take our time to REALLY go over it.  Keep reading to learn all the things!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keepsakes for the Holidays! MAC Keepsakes Collection for Holiday 2014

It's getting cooler where I live and I'm pulling out all my cardigans, sweaters and all time favorite boots.  I saw a beautiful quote about Fall in Joann's Craft Store the other day (who would have thought I would find philosophical thought in my local craft store?!) "Fall is Summer's Last Smile."  I tried to find an author to give credit to, so if you know please holler at me in the comments, but I just thought that was so lovely and a beautiful way to verbally express my feelings about Fall.

While I'm still loving the changing leaves, pumpkin picking and hayrides I am so excited for all the upcoming holidays, including all the fun holiday collection all our favorite beauty brands give us.  Like this Keepsakes Collection from MAC.  Like really MAC? You're going to name a collection Keepsakes around the holidays?  Why don't I just give you all my money now so I can have that Keepsake memory for all future holidays?  In all seriousness though I love the connection between this holiday collection and the idea of keepsakes and memories.  When I think of a keepsake it's not the item that is necessarily of value to me, but the memory that ties to it.  I have a little glass music box that my Grandpa had given me on Christmas Eve when I was eight, it may not be worth loads of money, but that little music box is worth riches to me.  What is your most treasured keepsake?  Read on to learn all the things about this collection!

Monday, October 6, 2014

MAC Objects of Affection Collection for Holiday 2014

Who's excited for the holidays?  *jumps around waving arms* Me Me Me Me Me!  If you know me, you know that I love the holidays.  I have wonderful memories of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween and to say that my excitement for the holidays has dwindle as I have grown into an adult would be a flat out lie.  I may not have dreams of sugar plums on Christmas Eve, but there is a different kind of excitement as I prepare my own home for this wonderful time of year. 

Whew now that we all know that I'm excited, I'm also so stoked to share with you the upcoming holiday MAC collections.  For some peeps these collections are the best collections of the year.  Are they your favorites too?  Read more to learn all the things!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim in the warm waters of awesome that will be MAC's x Rocky Horror Picture Show collection for Fall 2014

I'm over here just doing the Time Warp.  Don't mind me as just give myself to my excited mental state.  I just seriously want to take a moment to thank the makeup gods for allowing MAC to connect the dots on how perfect of a pairing this will be.  Let's just jump to the left and step right (ha see what I did there) into this collection.